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Who Is Vector Airlines?

We are Vector Airlines. We're a group of enthusiasts and real world pilots that just want to break the mold of all the other airlines out there. We're not Southwest, Delta or even a jetBlue. We really don't want to be... we're small, personal and mighty and truthfully there are many differences between us and some of the bigger airlines. We celebrate having less than 50 members and it's one of our greatest strengths. We celebrate knowing everyone on a first name basis and love getting to know our team personally.

High-functioning teams are what make high-performing airlines click. Whether the task is to create an innovative repaint, implement a new policy, or create a new route schedule from scratch, groups rather than individuals shoulder more of the burden than ever before. You've heard of the term " Too many chiefs and not enough indians " right? This team merges individual talents and skills into an airline that even though small for it's size out-performs it's larger competition in many areas. We believe that interpersonal understanding is critical to trust, which, in turn, is critical for the flow of ideas and information. That is where this airline celebrates most of it's success. We don't treat our team like they're just a number, you're a part of us. Being the only female CEO on the VATSIM network makes this team even more unique.

Come ask to be a part of our team and spend a day with us. You will see why we love what we do and why we've succeeded for more than 4 years now.

September 2014 Notes.

We had a great month in September. Not a record breaker like we had a couple months ago. That 230 flights in a month mark still remains intact. Having said that it's great to see some new blood on the team making flights and spending time online flying with them. Looking over the performance logs for the month the Boeing 737-800 has taken it's rightful place as most used airframe followed by the 737-900 and then the 321, Q400 and 77W rounding out the top 5. Props have fallen back off again, which was to be expected since we're not putting so much focus on them.

This month we have some GREAT group flights planned as a team which will take us to some of the most haunted cities in the US. Some you wouldn't even think the cities were all that haunted or have a spooky past and some are a dead ringer. We're going to be inviting a different airline to partner up with us in October which could be interesting. So please participate in the group flights if you can!

Lastly, we've released the new airline training and ranking system. I've taken feedback from all the emails that I have received as well as talking to staff and pilots to get their feedback on its progress over the past few weeks and feel as though we've come up with a system that will still challenge you to succeed in the airframes we have as well as provide shortcuts to the airframes that you want to fly. READ the entire document before coming to me with questions. If you do have questions please feel free to ask or pull me aside. It is my intention that with this new system we strike a balance between asking pilots to learn and rewarding them with the airframe they really want.

VAFS Airline Ranking.

We had a great month during the month of September. We were flirting with that 200 flights marker pulling in 197 flights last month (which is awesome). I did check our power rankings a couple times over the month of September and saw it as high as 37 and as low as 29. As everyone knows the only one that I record is the first of the month which we weighed in at spot number 32 out of 251 airlines. That is 8 spots up against some really good airlines out there! The fact that we're even breaking the top 30 is great work by all our pilots!

Considering the size of our airline which is going up against airlines 3 times our size and we're beating them in the rankings is nothing short of just awesome! The only thing I would recommend to you guys is that if you have money in your pilot account GO SPEND IT! Get things for your pilot that helps boost your rating! It helps the airline as well.

I think that the return of the "Timed Arrival" Group Flights has been welcomed back with mixed results. I think that Kyle B (VEC504) had the closest ever arrival time of 21:59 LOCAL :: 21:58 FS TIME :: 1:58 ZULU arriving into Plattsburgh, NY. Most of us that arrived that night were within about 10 minutes of each other which in itself is pretty impressive.

Great job everyone! Let's rock October!

September 2014 Top Pilots

Congratulations to our top performing pilots. The TOP 5 best will be awarded a $5,000.00 Bonus into their VAFS pilot account.

# # of FLTs. Callsign Name
1 21 flts. [VEC1859] Jeremy T.
2 17 flts. [VEC656] Shaun H.
3 16 flts. [VEC8685] John M.
4 14 flts. [VEC777] Michael L.
5 8 flts. [VEC504] Kyle B.
5 8 flts. [VEC269] Jason T.

September 2014 Best of the Best

It was an interesting month for pilot performance. We had our Top 5 best that was ranked purely on number of flights this past month. Our TOP pilot, which was Jeremy T., pulled down some pretty impressive numbers for being fairly new to the team. Out of the 21 flights that Jeremy made he earned the airline $9,372,620.07 in revenue with no damage to any of the aircraft that he flew. His average landing rate was pretty average at -252.95fpm with an average pilot rating of 101.56. Not bad numbers at all!

For October we're going to base the TOP 5 on Pilot Rating alone. There are ways to boost your pilot rating such as going to the pilot shop and buying items that give your pilot a "Pilot Performance Bonus". With the right kind of stuff you could have a pretty crummy flight and still have your pilot rating be above 100.00. If you have a good flight that "Pilot Performance Bonus" could make it even better! Now... add bad weather into the mix and see what you get. The people that will be eleigable for the TOP 5 must have a minimum of 7 flights on the books to pull a good average of your performance.

Good luck on your flights this month!

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