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Who Is Vector Airlines?

We are Vector Airlines. We're a group of enthusiasts and real world pilots that just want to break the mold of all the other airlines out there. We're not Southwest, Delta or even a jetBlue. We really don't want to be... we're small, personal and mighty and truthfully there are many differences between us and some of the bigger airlines. We celebrate having less than 50 members and it's one of our greatest strengths. We celebrate knowing everyone on a first name basis and love getting to know our team personally.

High-functioning teams are what make high-performing airlines click. Whether the task is to create an innovative repaint, implement a new policy, or create a new route schedule from scratch, groups rather than individuals shoulder more of the burden than ever before. You've heard of the term " Too many chiefs and not enough indians " right? This team merges individual talents and skills into an airline that even though small for it's size out-performs it's larger competition in many areas. We believe that interpersonal understanding is critical to trust, which, in turn, is critical for the flow of ideas and information. That is where this airline celebrates most of it's success. We don't treat our team like they're just a number, you're a part of us. Being the only female CEO on the VATSIM network makes this team even more unique.

Come ask to be a part of our team and spend a day with us. You will see why we love what we do and why we've succeeded for more than 4 years now.

September 2014 Notes.

We've had an AWESOME run in October! No tricks this month... ALL treat :) We finally broke the record of 230 flights in a month which is a HUGE milestone for us. I posted up in a couple of Forums our announcement of breaking 250 flights in a month inviting others to help us celebrate and also to check out the airline. October was a lot of fun and I hope we can continue that momentum over November, however, I know the holidays are coming.

On a personal note about the holidays. One of the greatest gifts of the holiday season is the gift of time with family. Spend time together to strengthen relationships and to make wonderful family memories. Strong families spend time with each other - quality time in large quantities. So begin during the holidays and continue making time for each other throughout the year. Truthfully, and I can say this in all seriousness, the holidays are a time for reconnecting. I would rather see this airline dead as a doornail and have you spending time with family creating memories that will last a lifetime than see this airline pull off another October. There is always next year which I plan on being around for.

The last note is this. We've taken on the MAX8, MAX9 and the 737-700C into the airline which are all freeware from TDS. I have been flying the wings off of that 737-700C with a default 737-800 VC merge and have been having fun with new routes. I do have PMDG VC Merges done with the MAX8 and MAX9 that will not make it onto the website for copyright and EULA reasons. However, if you want to fly it with the merge trust me when I say the resources are out there. All you have to do is look. I found my answers on the internet and so can you. Also, spend some time and share some of your screenshots. We need some new ones to add in different places. Thank you for all you do to support this airline and I look forward to an awesome November with the team!

VAFS Airline Ranking.

What an AMAZING month we had in October! :) We surpassed our goal of 230 flights in a month and move up in the ranking system to 15th! Seriously though?!?!?! 15th!!!! We broke into the TOP 15 out of 260+ airlines using VAFS and all the pilots making the top 5 this month are in the top 25% of the pilots flying ( which are around 3300+ ). An awesome awesome month!

Considering the size of our airline which is going up against airlines 3 times our size and we're beating them in the rankings is nothing short of just awesome! The only thing I would recommend to you guys is that if you have money in your pilot account GO SPEND IT! Get things for your pilot that helps boost your rating! It helps the airline as well.

We had a good month of group flights making our rounds of the annual "Haunted Tour". Ending in Boston as we usually do the ride in was quite nice! Next year we'll have to work in some different airports and change things up a bit.

Great job everyone! See you in November!

September 2014 Top Pilots

Congratulations to our top performing pilots. The TOP 5 best will be awarded a $5,000.00 Bonus into their VAFS pilot account.

# Pilot Rating Callsign Name
1 105.58 [VEC071] Tim B.
2 105.31 [VEC656] Shaun H.
3 105.22 [VEC413] Stephen W.
4 104.64 [VEC504] Kyle B.
5 104.63 [VEC202] Hayden Y.

October 2014 Best of the Best

It was an interesting month for pilot performance. We had our Top 5 best that was ranked purely on their average pilot rating for anyone that completed 7 or more flights. I myself averaged a 107.70 Pilot Rating and it goes to show that if you spend some of your money on items from the Pilot Shop that give you a Rating Bonus you'll do a lot better. That's even after I wrecked how many aircraft at the begining of the month during Iron Ass? It helps... trust me. That being said and because we had so many pilots with an awesome average pilot rating it has helped our push in the ranking system! The numbers for the top 5 are very impressive :) [VEC071] Tim B. averaged a 105.58 and an average landing rate of -134.94 earning the airline $28,093,248.74 which is over half of our current monthly lease expenses. Extremely solid numbers! For his outstanding performance and continued support of the airline and team Tim has earned "Pilot of the Month". Well done!

For November we're going to do something fun. We're not going to do the usual numbers game; instead, we're going to play a guessing game. The winner of this game will be judged on an average of Pilot Rating, Landing Rate and Total Earnings. I have a list of 10 routes in my possesion and the person that completes these 10 routes and becomes TOP pilot for November will receive a $20,000.00 Bonus to their VAFS account. All routes are based on Historical and/or Current FACT. When your answer is submitted via Email you will be dispatched onto that route and that route must be flown before any other route. Are you game?

  • Leg 1: According to Wiki, this is the busiest air route by city pairs within the United States.
  • Leg 2: The 4th busiest air route based on the number of scheduled daily flights in both directions as of December 2013
  • Leg 3: On November 1, 2007, Cape Air began service between _________ and _________, with three daily round trips. The route is operated under contract with the U.S. government Essential Air Service (EAS) program.
  • Leg 4: The highest commercial airport in the United States, its runway sits on a plateau above the San Miguel River and dips in the middle. Pilots only have one shot at landing at this snowy airport because touch-and-go landings are prohibited.
  • Leg 5: If you know one of our pilots named Corry Shelly, this is his MOST commonly flown route on the VATSIM network.
  • Leg 6: Vector's longest domestic (US city pair) route that we operate flying west.
  • Leg 7: From what many have called the 51st State to the 1st 2014 Group Flight destination
  • Leg 8: There is an event on our Calendar called "Pilots vs. Controllers". The passenger route.
  • Leg 9: Lloyd made this route recently and the airport just wasn't there!
  • Leg 10: Your personal favorite route. (Your choice... make it a good one :)
  • Good luck on your flights this month!

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